Members Benefits

Membership Benefits

Being a member of the Durban Practicing Psychologists’ Group (DPPG)
comes with numerous benefits, both professional and personal.

10 CPD Points

Members Only Resources

Current Affairs


R230.00 annual fee
  • Attending monthly meetings with an invited speaker
  • Earning 10 CPD points for the year
  • Access to referrals
  • Access to workshops at a reduced rate
  • Networking and socializing with colleagues
  • Being part of a useful information-sharing network
  • Access to members-only resources on the DPPG website
  • Having a free listing of your practice on the DPPG website
  • Keeping abreast of current affairs in psychology
  • Being able to pose practice-related questions to members
  • Opportunities to market your practice
  • Opportunities for diverse collaboration
  • Access to supervision from experienced colleagues
  • A community of practice to share ideas

Reduced Workshop Rate


Practice-related Forums