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Michelle Bennett



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(083) 461-5891

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(083) 461-5891


I am a Registered Counselling Psychologist with over 20 years experience in private practice in Durban. I offer both Individual and Couple/Marriage counselling. I work with both Adults (including very elderly) and Adolescents. I adapt the therapeutic framework to the unique individual and presenting concerns in order to achieve the best results. Privacy, confidentiality, non-judgemental setting and varying belief systems are treated with the utmost respect. Very private separate consulting rooms on my private property ensuring complete confidentiality. I also offer international Skype therapy. Please email consulting rooms for information: and give your cell number so confirmation of the email can be sent. My areas of special interest include, but are not limited to: Individual Therapy: Adults with a History of Sexual Abuse or Rape; Interpersonal Difficulties; Divorce Adjustment; Step-family issues; Blended families, Step-parenting; Depression; Bereavement/Grief; Stress; Relationship Concerns and Destructive Relationship patterns; Improving Relationships in general- family, friends, partnerships, Parent/child, couples, Sexual orientation and identity; Domestic violence; Stalking; Emotional Abuse; Self-esteem; Anger Management; Stress management; Anxiety Disorders , such as Panic Attacks, Post –Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Trauma (including hi-jacking, burglary etc) , Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Adult children or partners of those with drug/alcohol addiction; Assertiveness Training; co-dependency: Crisis; Adjustment including to Life Stages; Loneliness; Work Difficulties; Burnout; Single life; Coping with the psychological difficulties relating to physical disabilities, medical conditions / chronic illness eg cancer ; Living with HIV ; Visualisation including advanced techniques and practical use thereof; Personal Growth; Infertility, Miscarriage or pregnancy termination and more. Couple Counselling and Marriage Counselling: Couple counselling encompasses marriage counselling, pre-marital counselling and general relationship counselling. This also includes: eg infidelity, trust issues, communication difficulties and financial concerns. Both straight and gay couples are seen. Therapeutic orientation I am trained and have experience in various therapeutic frameworks and therefore tailor the particular type of therapy to the individual and presenting problem in order to achieve the best results. Every person is respected as unique with a different set of expectations of therapy and presenting concerns. EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING About 20 years experience in private practice. I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate training at the University of Natal, Durban. My internship was at the Clinic/ Centre for Applied Psychology, at the University of Natal, Durban. This is akin to a private practice setting. It was here that I was initially trained and supervised in the assessment, diagnosis (applies to “disorders”) and treatment of my special interests listed above and much more. I also have experience in IOD (Injured on duty) / Workman’s Compensation cases. This mainly involved trauma work. I have therefore developed a particularly special interest in dealing with trauma cases. I have also done a significant amount of private practice work for various Corporates and also smaller companies over the years. I also do work for some EAP groups (Employee Assistance Programs), comment for various magazines and supervise internships. I use a wide range of therapeutic techniques. These include, but are not limited to: Cognitive Therapy, CBT (Cognitive- Behavioural Therapy), Integrative/ Eclectic Therapy, Transpersonal therapy, Solution focussed therapy, Psychodynamic, Client centred therapy, Ego states, Mindfulness, logotherapy, Guided Afffective Imagery, Art therapy and so on . I do both short and long term therapy, depending on the requirements of the case. I generally, although, not always, use CBT for the treatment of anxiety disorders. These are techniques based on research evidence. I use a realistic and balanced “bio-psycho-social” understanding of the causes of various so- called “disorders” which is well grounded in general research. Recognising that every human being and their particular concerns is so unique, that there will always be exceptions to the rule. Therefore where appropriate, from a cognitive perspective, it has long been recognised that our thoughts, feelings and subsequent actions are interlinked. The mind body connection has also been widely documented. Scientists are recognising the extremely powerful effects of our minds and imagination in our lives. The influence of our thoughts (in words and images) on our emotions and subsequent effect in our lives can no longer be ignored. Using a cognitive understanding, we cannot continue to plant the same seeds/thoughts and wonder why we get the same flowers/results in our lives. Each person will have a completely different experience of therapy, depending on their needs, desires and motivations. My commitment to you I regard it of the utmost importance to put the client’s “best interests” first, while practising within the ethical boundaries of my profession. I look forward to the honour of working together with you and sharing my knowledge and experience in order to assist you to become the “best you can be”. You may just be pleasantly surprised of what actually is possible.


Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Families

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Adjustment Disorders, African Psychology, Art Therapy, Bereavement, Chronic Illness and Psycho-Oncology, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Employee Assistance Programmes, Existential Therapy, Female Empowerment, Health Psychology, HIV Pre and Post Test Counselling, Interpersonal Therapy, LGBTI, Marriage / Couples Counselling, Mood Disorders, Narrative Therapy, Parenting Skills, Personal Growth and Self-Development, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Sexual Abuse, Solution Focused Therapy, Spirituality, Stress Management, Student Counselling, Systems Therapy, Trauma

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Michelle Bennett

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